West Flanders' war secrets

Bom-Be provided assistance to the archaeological excavations preceding the expansion of the Kaaskerke industrial site in Diksmuide. These brought to light two "Livens Projector" batteries as well as the remains of 1 French and 3 Belgian missing soldiers. An article on (in English) and the VRT news (in Dutch) reported about this discovery. More information on the Livens projector and the project via this link.

In search of a WWII bomber

Bom-Be lends a hand to Planehunters and the town of Glabbeek in their search for a Lancaster that crashed during WWII. The VRT and ROB TV channels  reported on our detection in august 2016. We'll keep you posted on the progress of this project on this page.

Detection in the streets of Melle

Bom-Be was at work in the streets of Melle, near Ghent, in 2015. TV channels VTM and AVS reported on this detection.

Documentary on 'war contamination'

The Arte TV channel broadcasted a documentary on the deadly war heritage that's hidden in our soils. Our pet topic, if ever there was one, so our historian Cynrik De Decker was extensively interviewed.

Destruction of incendiary bombs in Bree

We performed a multisensor surface detection at the request of The City of Bree on 280.000  m² of a future industrial zone. Upon approaching the detected suspect objects in april of 2015,  we found two British 30 lbs. incendiary bombs. We reported our find to DOVO, and they decided to destroy the two items on the spot. Watch here how this went about, an read more about the project here

VTM news

Airplane bomb in Lokeren

on September 10th of 2014 we found an aerial bomb near the city of Lokeren. You can watch the news items on TV OOST and VTM (in Dutch), find out more about the project on our website, and look at more pictures on our Facebook page (no login required).

Howitzer in action

On the 4th of April 2014, our experts found a 9,2” howitzer grenade of 130 kg, on a site in Beselare. The grenade was fired on the German Duitse Flandern I-Stellung. This short video shows how a howitzer was operated.

Open secret: Aeropuerto Urano

In the Canvas TV series “Publiek geheim”, our colleague Cynrik De Decker assited in the unraveling of the peculiar history of a war airport in Maldegem. In this trailer you can see him briefly at work (in Dutch).

800 Shells found in Passendale

Watch the news item on the VRT TV news on the 25th of March 2014 (in Dutch).

35.000 tons of toxic ammunition off the Belgian coast?

Indeed, that’s the “Horse market”. Watch the the Panorama broadcast on Canvas (in Dutch).

Experts want an ammunition risk map

Our colleague Cynrik De Decker explains why on the VTM news of December 25th 2013 (in Dutch).

Munition dump in the Eastern Scheldt is “ticking time bomb”

In the Dutch TV programme EenVandaag, our Dutch colleague Frank Barink explains the dangers of a munition dump in the Eastern Scheldt. Watch the complete broadcast of October 21st 2013 (in Dutch).

New Zealand soldier from WW I buried in the Westhoek

During EOD activities, Bom-Be personnel found the remains of a missing soldier. After some meticulous detection work, we found his insignia and were able to determine he had fought for the New Zealand Rifle Brigade. Thus, he finally found his final grave. Watch the report on the VRT news of February 3rd 2012 (in Dutch).