Detection in the streets of Melle

During World War II, the train station of Melle was an important junction in the supply routes of the German army to French occupied territory. Therefore it was intensively bombarded by the allies, in preparation of the Normandy landings. FARYS, a water company in Flanders, planned to carry out major sewer system works, and wanted to know beforehand what was hidden in the soil. Indeed, an airplane bomb had been found in April ’15 on the same location, resulting in the evacuation of 2900 inhabitants. Bom-Be had already carried out an historical survey of the area (see our projects of 2014), showing there were clear grounds for a multisensor surface detection, which we carried out in May 2015. The streets were closed off, and we carried out a surface detection under police guidance. Public transport buses were allowed passage, on the condition that they kept a distance of at least 10 m to our multisensor cart, in order to avoid interference with the measurements.

This detection was also featured in the TV news broadcasts of VTM and AVS.

EOD – surface detection  magnetometry