Technical term historical surveys for UXO research

Our historical researchers dispose of an exceptionally large archive, allowing us to determine rapidly if a specific area is suspect of finding UXO – by means of a quick scan. If this is the case, we can map out the risks and suspect areas in detail by means of an historical survey.

Our people know their way around the international archives and specialist literature, and don’t hesitate to set out on research trips to the area in question and to the local archives. The results of this research are corroborated with aerial photo interpretation.

The historical survey doesn’t end at the war period. We also determine if the terrain has undergone any changes afterwards, like site raisings, previous UXO clearances or dredging activities.

In conclusion, a preliminary study saves time and money, points out areas at risk, which types of ammunition can be found, in what kind of condition, and until what depth.

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