Incendiary bombs in Bree

The City of Bree is planning the construction of new industrial site of about 280.000 m2, on a meadow where an archaeological sample trenching survey had revealed the presence of trenches and two incendiary bombs. Reasons enough to call on Bom-Be for a surface detection of the entire area.

With a quad and multisensor cart we scanned the site, except for some waterlogged and material storage areas, which will be addressed later. The detection aimed to discover various calibres, ranging from bullets to aerial bombs, with more than 2000 anomalies as a result. When the City of Bree asked us to approach the suspect objects, we decided by mutual agreement that we wouldn't consider the anomalies on former building grounds as possible UXO. At quite shallow depths – 10 cm and 30 cm – we found two more English 30 lbs incendiary bombs, not far from the aforementioned trenches. When we reported our find to DOVO, they decided to destroy the bombs on the spot. This video shows how this went about.

EODsurface detection / approaching magnetometry