Other projects

Some of our activities fall outside the scope of UXO clearance, archaeology or cable detection. Here are some examples of other projects.

Bomb terror prevention audit

Bom-Be carried out an IED-audit for the BCLeuven business complex, located in the Haasrode Research park. IED stands for Improvised Explosive Devices. Our expert with military background, and experience in conflict areas, focused on:

  • threat analysis;
  • control of the security against IED attacks;
    • prevention (before);
    • bomb scene management (during and after);
  • management consultancy to improve safety measures of the company towards bomb incidents.

Bom-Be adopts a down-to-earth approach and a clear communication with management and staff.

Prevention of terrorism audit

Geophysical surveys for ERM

In view of drilling and excavation works, ERM asked Bom-Be to map out the underground structures, such as storage tanks and utility lines, on two sites, in Assebroek and in Tilleur. In both cases we used a combination of GPR and metal detection to scan the subsoil. Even though detection was sometimes difficult because of obstacles above ground and interference factors underground, we were able to register the position of cables and tanks quite accurately.

Geophysical syrvey – surface detectionmetal detection / GPR

handheld GPS

Marking bore holes along the front line

BAAC Archaeology contacted Bom-Be for the marking the locations of manual bore holes, required for an archaeological survey of a planned gas pipe line through the former WW I front zone. We handled this as follows:

  • BAAC gave us the coordinates of the bore holes;
  • with a handheld GPS we located the position of the boreholes and detected these points with a magnetometer;
  • locations with a negative readout were marked with stakes;
  • if a location had a positive metal detection, we looked for a new metal-free position nearby, marked it and registered the new coordinates.

After that, the BAAC archaeologists could safely inspect all marked locations within a radius of 50 cm and a depth of 3 m.

Other – GPS localisation

In-house certification for archaeologists

Personnel of the Dutch ADC Archeoprojecten company often works on sites where war ammunition can be found, and are thus confronted with safety issues. Bom-Be organized an in-house training, teaching them how to handle UXO finds. This one day course was followed by a short exam “Basic EOD knowledge” according to the WSCS-OCE regulation for the EOD sector in The Netherlands. Candidates who passed the exam now have the basic certificate, allowing them to move about on Dutch EOD sites on their own, i.e. without the requirement of the presence of an EOD expert.

EOD Training & certification

Detection of oil tanks in Oudergem

Underground storage tanks can be located with GPR, but also with a magnetometer if they are made out of metal. In this way we pinpointed the position of two big oil tanks under an asphalt road in Oudergem, at the request of Herbosch-Kiere.

Geophysical survey – surface detection magnetometry

Info sessions for safety coordinators

VC-CS, the Belgian contact organisation for safety coordinators in the construction sector, asked Bom-Be to talk about the implications of the presence of UXO for their professional activities, and about cable detection techniques. Such an info session provides a clear and general explanation on these topics. For a more detailed approach on the subject, Bom-Be offers courses on demand.

Safety – info sessions

Underground vaults at the Anwerp quays

Bom-Be used Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for a geophysical survey by order of Technum, in the context of the reconstruction of the Scheldt quays. Behind some of the quay walls, a vault has been constructed in order to disburden them. The vaults are situated at an approximate depth of 1 m, and the aim of the survey was to pinpoint their location.

Geophysical survey surface detectionGPR

Detecting underground petrol tanks in Evere

MAVA consultancy contacted Bom-Be for the detection of a project location with a cobbled ground cover, where they suspected the presence of two underground petrol tanks. Bom-Be used GPR to determine the position of the tanks in the three dimensions (x,y,z).

Geophysical survey surface detectionGPR

Rental of equipment

Bom-Be regularly hires out equipment to fellow companies. Last autumn, UXO Offshore Services set out to work with our Erbinger underwater detector.

EOD – Rental

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