Assistant UXO Expert - course & exam in English

At the moment, no courses or exams in English are planned. We can organise a course + exam for groups of at least 3 participants. If you plan a new course in consultation with Bom-Be, participants obtain an extra fixers discount of 5% on the course fee.

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‘Assistent OCE-deskundige’ stands for 'Assistant Expert in Detection and Approaching of Conventional Explosives', where ‘Conventional Explosives’ is Dutch legal terminology for WWII ammunition. As the title says: demining or defusing is not part of the course or the certificate.

For reasons of simplicity, in English we call it Assistant UXO Expert. In The Netherlands, It is the first level certificate required to perform detection and approaching activities of WW II ammunition, on land and under water (The Netherlands didn't suffer the scourge of WW I) . Next levels are UXO Expert (OCE-deskundige) and Senior UXO Expert (Senior OCE-deskundige). Certification of personnel and companies in this profession falls under the Dutch WSCS-OCE regulation.

Bom-Be is formally acknowledged by audit bureau TÜV Nederland as a WSCS-OCE exam centre, hence our certificates have legal value.

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